Free shipping within Germany


How long is time of delivery?

Within Germany we deliver between 5-7 days. Shipment to Austria and Switzerland takes 8-10 days. Should we not have a product at short notice in stock of course we will get in contact with you and inform you of the prospect delivery time.

How much are the shipping costs?

Within Germany 4,90 € for shipping and packaging. For orders exceeding a value of 75 € we do not charge an shipping or packaging costs within Germany. For more information please check delivery- and shipping costs.

Can I also order items from abroad?

Yes, oui, ma certamente. Click here for more details and countries we are shipping to: delivery- and shipping costs.

What payment options do you offer?

You have the possibilities to pay for your order with prepayment, Pay Pal, Amazon, Sofortueberweisung, Visa creditcard, MasterCard and American Express. In addition we offer giropay. This is a simple and safe online payment with PIN and TAN.

Do you have a catalogue?

Please understand we do not have a classic catalogue made from paper. You will find everything on our website.

Which lamp socket do I need for anna wand® lampshades?

Our lampshades are suitable fort he universal size E27, you can use 40 Watt (Ø 20 cm), 60 Watt (Ø 40 cm), 100 Watt (Ø 55 cm).  They are matching with standard E 27 fittings and lamp stands (e.g. from IKEA).

Which surface do the products have?

Our wallsticker and wallpaper borders have a satin (matte) surface. The have a print on one side and are white on the other (sticky) side. Our lampshades made are from polyester and have a satin (matte) surface, too. The coat racks do have a shiny/polished surface.

What about the surface of the walls?

Our wall sticker and wallpaper borders are made for smooth walls and ingrain wallpaper. The paint type makes a difference: Matte paint is the best paint for your wall decals and wallpaper borders. It is possible to use them on a semi gloss or high gloss paint but they may not stick as well or last as long.  They are not sticking on silicone- or latex paints. If your walls are textured, you can still use a wall sticker. You can get samples (within Germany) to try if you are not sure how they will look. After painting the walls we recommend to wait up to 5 days to make sure the walls are dry.

Are the wall stickers and wallpaper borders easy to apply?

The wall sticker you simply peel off the sheet and stick them on the wall. Each wallpanel or wallpaper border comes with easy to follow instructions (in German, English and French). If you are applying a large wallpaper border or wallpanel you may want to have the help of someone. Your room decoration will look perfect with your new wall sticker.

Can something go wrong?

Nothing should go wrong, if you do not try to apply them on roughcast, silicone- or latex paints. Before applying your wall decal or wallpaper border you should test your wall painting with an adhesive strip.

How do I remove a wall decal or wallpaper border?

When you are removing your wall decals or wallpaper borders it is important to use a knife to lift the material and pull it off carefully. You can also use a blow dryer as you peel it off the wall. This will loosen the adhesive for easier removal.

What does the wall look like after removing?

Our wall sticker are detachable without any residues from smooth surfaces. From painted walls pieces of paint can peel, but you can easily paint that over after removal. If you apply wall sticker and wallpaper borders to wallpaper the first layer may become detached.

Can I apply wall stickers many times? And wallpaper borders?

Because our wall decals are not as thin as many others are, you can remove them carefully during the first months. After a while the sticky side will be less sticky, depending on how often you applied them to another wall. Our wallpaper borders are heavier than the stickers and they have a stronger glue. You can correct the position while you are applying them. Once at the wall the position is fixed after a few days.

Where are anna wand® and anna wand products® manufactured?

Our wallsticker, wallpaper borders, pillows and lampshades are carefully and ecologically manufactured under best conditions in Hamburg/Germany. Under best conditions for the people who are working for us. Our products are not commodity products. They are not shipped a long way from the other side oft he word for production. They are printed and produced produced in small numbers. With ecological ink and PVC-free. Our exchangeable lampshade system can be used many times, the shades are made from recyclabel polyester. MINIS and MAXIS  wall sticke rare printed with waterbased inks on a PVC-free foil and subsequently laminated with a PVC-free laminate.

Are the colours shown on my computer screen binding?

The colours shown on your computer screenn or mobile device are not binding. The colours on a screen may appear brighter than our products are in real life. The printing results of your printer will distinguish from our colours – and many other prints of other printers.