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Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

Create Gorgeous Childrens Rooms in No Time

What do you need for a beautiful child’s room? Great toys, maybe a cozy play area and of course lovely decoration. Our colorful variety of wall stickers offer you the perfect choice of tasteful decoration in a variety of forms for your child's room. Anna wand is known for it’s great wall stickers that have been in production since 2005.

After all, we were the first with wall stickers that emmit a joyous look without having to paint or go through the tedious process of installing wallpaper. Our colorful wall stickers bring a special something to a room especially on white surfaces. Whether beastly or playful we have something for every taste.

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Put Together Creative lovely Childrens Rooms with Wall Stickers

Our rich ideas, colorful and fantastic anna wand themes are like stick on story books for babies, girls and boys. A vast scheme of colors inspire your children’s optical senses and introduce a laid back mix in any kind of kids room. Even so putting up our wall stickers is super easy even on ingrain wallpaper. Just peel, stick, and celebrate! Wall stickers from anna wand take little effort to remove the seal and to arrange and decorate to your liking.

Just put it on the desired surface and pat it smooth – now your kids room theme is complete! If you’d like to rearrange the stickers in different positions, no problem. Our stickers can be restuck in the beginning. Wall stickers can transform and beautify your kids rooms in the blink of an eye. Self-sticking wall stickers are available in two sizes: MINIS-Wall stickers, these are two DIN A4 sheets with various themes as well as MAXIS-Wandsticker which are two DIN A3 sheets.

Combination is the Key – Create a Comfortable Room for your Children!

Definetely take a look at our other anna wand living accessories. Dont miss out on our wall borders as well as lampshades. Matching wall hangers not only look pretty and cozy on kids rooms walls but also are capable of being  rearranged, restuck and redecorated with different wall sticker themes.

Just as with the rest of our anna wand products we make sure to make healthy products. Materials such as non water-soluble ink and certain slides made of polyester, are free of pvc and softener. This emphasises or love of detail as well as the nature. Our Kids room wall stickers are made to a postitive standard in Hamburg. After printing our wall decals are sealed with a thin laminate, which is also PVC-free . This protects the print, making the wall motifs scratch resistant and extremely durable.

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