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Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper Murals

Dream of Walls: With Magical Wallpaper Pictures

Creating the perfect room for your child can be so much fun! Not only does the finished creation bring out the imagination in oneself but so does the process of decorating and planning. The assembling of our products is so simple there’s no way you can go wrong.

Our wallpaper murals by anna wand, make it possible to give an entire wall in no time a beautiful look and give children's rooms a special atmosphere. Just paint your walls with a wallpaper adhesive, stick the wallpaper mural directly to the desired area, little by little, until your have your large-scale wall mural.

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Enchant your Nursery with Wallpaper Pictures

Murals by Anna Wand are different than regular patterned wallpaper. With their large size and interesting designs, our wallpaper murals give off their very own unique radiance. Wallpaper behind a bed is a great way to create a special environment that radiates security and tranquility. Play areas are also enlivened in the most beautiful way. A desk facing a wall suddenly has a great view. It does not matter how high your ceilings are. Wallpaper Murals by anna wall are 270 cm high and can be adapted to the desired ceiling height. Simply cut the sheets around 30-40 cm, so that rooms with 230-240 cm ceiling height can be beautified with our wallpaper. Unlike normal wallpapers with a repeat pattern. Anna wall murals murals create a whole picture that is harmonious.

How to Install Cheerful Wallpaper Murals

What’s the point of having a new highlight on the wall if it just disappears in the dark? Even in the imaginative lighting design department anna wand strives to create radiantly beautiful designs for babies, boys and girls that match the design concept of our walls in harmony. Discover at anna wand a magical selection of lampshades suitable as table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights.

We Place Great Emphasis on Short Distances

Not only do we pay attention to special quality, great colors and creative designs at anna wand. We also believe in the importance of not polluting our environment. Non-woven wallpapers, borders and maxi-borders from anna wand are printed solvent-free. This is particularly important in living rooms because they are also CE and FSE certified. Our products are not endlessly transported many kilometers in containers across the sea - but come from close in your area.

Since 10 years ”Made with Love in Germany”

We at anna wand made the decision since our start in 2005 that our products would be handmade in Germany. We know our producers personally, have a good relationship with them and share the same motto to only offer products with quality, great design and great ideas.