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Wallpaper Maxi-Borders

Wallpaper Maxi-Borders

XXL-Wall Borders for the Ultimate Cozy Child’s Room

Self-sticking Maxi Wall Borders from anna wand are the new decoration idea that introduces something charming and unique to your room,

With it’s almost 50 cm height and 450 cm length you can decorate your walls in a unique way with little effort in no time. Create your new favorite room that your little ones will love. Guaranteed!

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The Larger the more “Ohhh”

XXL-Wall Borders from anna wand are real eye-catchers. The good thing about them is that they stay that way for a long time. The unusual format is impressive to the eye and brings out a generous wow factor to a room. Children love small things such as toy cars and doll houses but they also tend be amazed at things that are of larger scale. The desire to discover something new is awakened. Be prepared to be amazed.

Even the Application is Great

Just like our classic children’s room 11,5 cm wall borders our Maxi Wall Borders are self-sticking. They’re very easy to apply to walls, just peel the back foil off whilst stopping every now and then while applying the wall border to make sure everthing is correctly aligned, set pointers with a pencil, and for an even easier application have someone extra lend a helping hand.

Match the Color of your Wall with your Wall Border

Our tip for the perfect look. Take your Maxi Wall Borders with you to a hard-ware store and let them scan a color tone so that you can find a complementary wall color paint choice to match. Recommended are soft pastel tones for children’s rooms. These tones do bring an harmonic atmosphere to the room. You have plenty of options. Maybe you want to paint only the part of the wall under the border or maybe you want to paint the whole wall. Even on simple white and ingrain walls  or wall borders look great.

anna wand produced in Germany

Not only are our wonderful living accessories such as lampshades, wall stickers, and wall murals produced in Germany–but so are our huge wall borders. Made with high quality, solvent-free, and FSC/CE verified, printed fleece strips. We pay extra attention towards environmentally friendly production and short transport routes. After all we are in charge of keeping the world as beautiful as it is.