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Lampshades for Kids – for happy lighting in Children Rooms

Watch just how a lampshade can brighten your children’s rooms by anna wand –see your children’s eyes light up just like the sun.

Our design concept for baby rooms and children’s rooms offers a magical variation of children’s lampshades including suspended lamps, floor lamps, as well as desk lamps.

Forget about time and space, daydream, and let your thoughts be free – with the dreamy accessories and lampshades for children from anna wand.

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Create a Children’s Room with Quality, Design and Creativity

 A pretty light atmosphere is something sepcial to be taken into account while creating the perfect room and or playroom for your children.  Not only do these beautiful lampshades give sufficient light for playing and reading but they also give the room a cozy feel in the evenings. A soft light as well a happy theme influence the mood positively as well as create something interesting to look at on the ceiling – floating objects of design that offer light in the dark. Not only are our lampshades great in the dark but they also look really pretty during the day with a display of charming themed motives and designs for kids. Tropical themes and bold colorful designs will brighten the mood in your children’s rooms.

Anna wand also offers a variety of creative wall design ideas for your little ones. Our wall designs include magical fantasy wall stickers, each with their own matching self sticking borders, wallpanel and wall hangers.

Not only do we make sure of great quality, wonderful colors, and vast design ideas at anna wand. In addition we put great effort into looking after the earth and being eco-friendly. These pollution free lampshades for kids rooms are environmentally friendly printed with water proof colors, do not contain PVC( softener) and are completely recyclable. The beautiful matte surface offers a high quality optic as well as even light coverage in the room.

Conveniently made in Germany

Our lampshades with 20 cm and 40 cm circumference are ideal for commerical E27 versions with 40-60 watt depending on the size of the lampshade. They are also very easy and quick to assemble as well as mount. Suspenders and lamp stands are available in various locations to combine with the lampshades.

The best part is – we at anna wand lay great value into making sure that our products are made in Germany. Everything is handcrafted with much love in Germany. Guaranteed!

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