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Coat racks

Coat racks

Pretty Attractive: Our Childrens Coat Racks

Coat racks for the wall are super practical, because you can store clothes and bags on the go, and you have  everything you need ready at hand when you might otherwise have to search. Coat Racks are also a great way to hang pieces of jewelry especially armbands and necklaces. You wont be wondering where those little pieces of jewelry are any more.

The fact that our anna wand coat racks not only look great but are also movable emphasises our “Dress it up” motto for childrens rooms and nurseries. Last but not least, the high-quality white acrylic board with its chic silver knobs can be freshly decorated with our MINIS / MAXIS Wandsticker.

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A Coat Rack for Kids, that moves!

Not only does the style of clothes in children change as they get older usually the way they want their room to look like changes as well. Kids interests change often which is why the look of their room changes as well and needs a restyling every now and then. Get your styling information here.

The redecoration process of anna wands coat racks is pretty easy: these wall stickers come right off the wall effortlessly so as from any acrylic board coat rack and just like that can easily and quickly be replaced with a new wall decal. Not only are coat racks convenient but they are also very pretty. It doesnt matter how often your kid changes their style with anna wands coat racks you have a number of possibilities and are able to stay felxible. We have the guaranteed perfect wall decoration for you at anna wand.


Sustainable Quality made in Germany

Our coat racks along with our lampshades, wallpaper borders and wallstickers are all made in Germany.

We made sure to completely round the edges so that they are absolutely safe for children. All products from anna wand are free of pvc, as well as softeners and the material that is produced for us to make our products. We wish you all the best and fun in designing your children’s room with anna wand. In case you didn’t know already: All shipping orders from 75€ and more is free of cost within Germany. This makes shopping easy and fun.